5 Tips to Make You a Better Photographer!

It is always hard to choose which camera to buy. Right now, chances are, you’re having the same question in your mind while reading this article. To make your task easier, we’ve prepared this guide to help you choose the best camera out there that suits your requirements.


The Starting Point: What Type of Photos you Expect?

Although it may seem a lie, when buying a camera right decision depends on more on having a clear objective in your mind. You need to be sure of what you expect from the camera. Do you want the camera to shoot in outdoor or indoor? You want to use the camera at night or only in the day? What sort of budget you have? This are some pretty fundamental questions that you need to be asking yourself.

My friend Mary told me about her experience the other day: “I bought the latest SLR camera because I had money and went into my budget, I wanted to take great pictures, but now the problem is it’s too big to carry around everywhere, and thus it lays around in my home. On the other hand, my sister bought a compact camera which is nice and small that she carries around everywhere.” I advised Mary to read some expert reviews before she decided to go ahead and buy a vlogging camera that doesn’t really work for her. If you’re in the same dilemma then this guide here is a great help! –  https://reviewsbyexpert.com/best-vlogging-cameras/


Why Price Shouldn’t be a Major Factor Anymore?

Often we think that the costlier model is going to be the best, but we’re very wrong. Mary’s case is just another example that not all the high budget camera suit an individual needs. While purchasing a camera, you need to go for the one that suits your and only your needs primarily. If it doesn’t then don’t go for that camera model regardless of how costly or cheap it is.

It is a mistake for several reasons:

  • There may be features that you will not use and could save a little money.
  • You may not have the key functionality that makes not going to take advantage.
  • It may be more complicated than you think and do not go to be patient to learn to handle it.
  • It may be so simple not have the features you expected.

Therefore, I insist: think a little about why you want the camera and what type of photography you want to do. If your current budget does not allow to go for the camera you wait, it is better to hang on a bit, you save, and then you buy it.


What Types of Camera Works Best Right Now?

What to look out to see what kind of use you are going to do? Sometimes it’s hard if you are a little lost right? Do not worry, here are some choices.

If the key is to occupy as little space as possible, which can carry almost without realizing it, your choice should be the compact type cameras.

Note: that with a smaller size, you will be giving up controllability, so that these cameras will fundamentally you to take pictures in automatic mode and a series of preset modes: landscape, portrait, night, etc.

If you’re just starting out and would like to learn photography one of the key factors your camera should have is allow manual control over shutter speed and aperture. If you’re not that into becoming a pro and just want good photos then, by all means, go for a compact without manual controls: you’ll save a few euros and if the love of photography is consolidated, can make the leap to something more serious like a reflex.


For all those who love photography and want to start playing with optical higher quality and higher magnification have the segment of DSLR or Bridge type, a type of camera whose size is between compact and reflex, with higher quality than compact, and allow the use of manual controls. DSLR cameras are usually costlier than the other type of cameras.

If you are looking for a camera with an interchangeable lens but smaller than SLRs, the solution is MILC (Mirrorless Camera). This is the type of cameras that have the advantage of being able to expand their quality by buying a new lens, but their weight and volume are significantly smaller than SLRs.

Finally, for photography enthusiasts seeking maximum performance are the SLR. Some time ago, SLRs had very high prices for even modest benefits. Today you can find really spectacular models at very competitive prices.


We tried our best to provide as much basics as we can about how to choose a good camera for your needs. It is also recommended that you read some expert guides before making a purchase. My favorite is this one here – reviewsbyexpert.com. As we listed above it all depends upon what you require. There is no single best camera out there. It all depends on what you’re looking for and how a camera will suit your need.

Please share with us below over what you think should be the top choice for people deciding over which camera to buy.